Friday, June 18, 2010

Info wanted on Pulsar Quartz V103-6009

A Watch Collector on other online forum quote:

"I was surprised that it was working as the lot were advertised as not working. Imagine my surprise then, when I opened it up and it had a label saying battery not required. I have to assume that it is 'solar' powered.

Any information you might have on this watch would be appreciated."

I remember somewhere in my boxes of watches collections, I have a similar watch which I bought when I was overseas. Finally, I found the same watch. On the inside there is what looks like a battery but it is not a battery. It is a Gold Capacitor and the model is GC 1.8V 0.33F. I put that watch under the Sun and true enough, it started to tick and working fine. I am always amazed with the different kinds and models of watches around the world. I did more research and found out that Seiko did not manage to perfect the technology of Solar watch and Citizen managed to succeed and therefore you now have the Eco-Drive.

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