Sunday, January 18, 2009

Former glory of 1910s WWI and 1930s Cushion Face Watches

Hi Watch Collectors,

Here are some of the watches which I got back recently after restoration. The watches are back to its glory.

1910s WWI Silver Gents WristWatch

1930s Cushion Face 9K Pink/ Rose Rolled Gold Gents Wristwatch

I should have taken the pictures prior sending in the watches for restoration but I was too eager to get them done. Now, you guys can only see the end results. The watches were in really bad conditions, dirty dial, no crowns, unpolished case, no watch straps and no working. Now, they are fully functioning and accurate time pieces once again. I love those porcelain dial, they last forever, dust and dirt cannot get to them except the hairline cracks.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Unusual Citizen that is worth collecting

Hi Watch Collectors,

It has been hard to find interesting pieces of vintage watches anymore. I guess the supply is diminishing and people are holding onto their vintage pieces. I stumble onto an interesting piece of 1960s Citizen, many watch collectors thought that Seiko and Citizen are solely for uncles only. Here is one that will show you why Citizen is not for uncle only. It is an Alarm watch, if you can get hold of one. Keep it because they are not common.

A 1960s model - Citizen Alarm

A Rare 1930s model - Citizen Art Deco

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Prior 1900s Pocket Watch

Hi Watch Collector,

It has been a while since the last time I put out anything to share. I thought it will be a good idea to go back a bit further, back to the past and look at pocket watches prior to 1900s on its design, construction and materials used.

The winding and the adjustment of the hands are done via the keys.

The multi-hinged case.

A separate housing silver case, you can see the British Hallmark of the case which will indicate the year the case was made.

Nice porcelain Dial with no hairline crack which is rare, usually over the years, you will see hairline crack on these porcelain dial.

The behind of the silver case which minimum wear. How often do you find the modern watches cases that are made from Silver.

This is the part I want to show, the design of the movement, a beauty with craftsmanship.

A Side view and once again the elaborate design.
Ever wonder, why the modern watches do not go that extend in their craftsmanship anymore, let alone the materials they used. The reason is that it make no business sense for the common watches and it will cost them lots of money or investment to make a new model. They do that for their limited edition models and they cost you a premium. So if you ever get a hand on rare or unique pieces of vintage watches, they are good investment.
Once again, hope you learn something.