Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi Sinn Watch Collectors,

Earlier SINN watches were sold as OEM pilots Swiss watches.The company was sold in 1994 to a Lothar Schmidt who name a company Sinn which market the watches out from Frankfurt, so you do not see the "Swiss Made" on the dial anymore.

SINN 156B Auto

Hope you learn something today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WWII Seiko Gents Watch

Hi Watch Collectors,

There are many modern Seiko Watches around in the market but good vintage pieces are hard to come by. I found this piece during my trip to PNG which I bought it from the market place. This piece is unique as it is a case within a case. The era of this watch is 1940. I suspect this piece was taken from some Japanese Soldier during the battle in PNG.

Typical 1940s case and huge crown

Snap on Case

Separation of Case within a Case

Close up a a Case within a Case

Close up of the inner case, the numerals are of the 1930 - 40s era and sub seconds at six.

Again Snap on inner case

The old brand name of Seiko called "Seikosha"
I hope you learn something from this vintage piece.